Intelligent Security Graph

State-of-the-art security that powers real-time threat detection, response, and remediation.


The struggle is real.

Security professionals today face serious challenges in their effort to protect company and employee data across existing networks, cloud apps, and mobile devices.

Expanding digital estate

Digital transformation is dissolving network boundaries and expanding the attack surface to new devices, users, applications, and platforms.

69% 69
of enterprises will have multi-cloud/hyrbrid IT environments by 2019
Increasing and rapidly evolving cyber threats

Digital transformation is dissolving network boundaries and expanding the attack surface to new devices, users, applications, and platforms.


of Malware is
seen only once


is the average cost of a data breach


Combatting attacks with data & intelligence.

The Intelligent Security Graph uses advanced analytics to link a massive amount of threat intelligence and security data from Microsoft and partners to combat cyberthreats. Insights from the Intelligent Security Graph power real-time threat protection in Microsoft products and services.

Threat intelligence

Millions of unique threat indicators are generated every day by Microsoft and its partners and shared across Microsoft products and services. That provides an unparalleled view into the evolving threat landscape and enables rapid innovation to detect and respond to threats.

Advanced analytics

Machine learning models and artificial intelligence reason over vast security signals to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Our scope of signals gives us the ability to understand the full context of an event to power quick threat detection and automated response.

Ecosystem integration

The security API provides a common gateway to share and act on security insights across the Microsoft platform and partner solutions. Integrated solutions improve security operations and efficiency.


Insight only Microsoft can provide.

Through our platform, services, and partners Microsoft has a uniquely broad and deep view of the threat actors, tactics, and techniques.


Web pages scanned


Emails analyzed


Updated more than 1 billion
Windows devices


Analyzed data from 700 million Azure user accounts


Analyzed more than 450 billion monthly authentications


A connected system of continual learning.

See the Intelligent Security Graph in action:


An API to speed integration

The Security Graphic API provides a unified gateway to access and act on security insights across Microsoft and partner solutions. Developers can leverage the Security Graph to build intelligent security services that:


Integrate and correlate security
alerts from multiple sources

Unlock contextual data
to inform investigations

Automate SecOps for
greater efficiency

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